Domain Name Transfer FAQ

Domain Transfer

A Domain Transfer is a process in which the registration of your domain name is moved from one registrar (company who registers domains - such as Verisign) to another.

Transfer all your domain names to UnicodeDN for easy centralized management and renewal.

The .COM/NET/ORG/INFO/BIZ Transfer Process

The transfer of .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz Domain names usually complete within 5-10 days. Domain transfers follow the procedures outlined in ICANN's Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy as follows:

  1. A domain transfer order is submitted by the customer, via the UnicodeDN web site.
  2. Once UnicodeDN receives the transfer order, the domain's Administrative Contact email address is retrieved from the whois record. We then email an "Authorization for Registrar Transfer" to the Administrative Contact of the domain within 24 hours. This transfer authorization e-mail contains a unique link, authorizing the transfer of the domain name to UnicodeDN. UnicodeDN must receive a response from this email to continue with the transfer of a .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz domain name.
  3. If your domain is unlocked and we received transfer authorization from you, upon clicking the link in the original email, a transfer command request is sent to Official Registry for approval within 5 days. The Registry contacts both registrars involved in the domain transfer. Unless the Current Registrar legitimately denies the domain transfer, or you tell them to stop it, the transfer of the domain to UnicodeDN occurs within 5 days.
  4. If the transfer of the domain is successful, our system will receive the domain, your billing information is charged and the transferred domain is placed into your UnicodeDN account. Clients are then notified via email of the successful completion of the transfer.

Transferring a Domain Name to UnicodeDN

To transfer your domain to UnicodeDN, please review the Transfer Process above. When you are ready, visit our transfers page and submit your transfer request online.

After submitting your transfer request, clients will receive a tracking number. Please keep this number, as it will identify your domain transfer in our system when enquiring about your transfer status.

Transfer Checklist for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz Domain Names

Perform a whois search on the domain name you wish to transfer and review the checklist below.

1. Ensure domain name is not within 60 days of the initial registration or a previous registrar transfer

Domain names cannot be transferred within the first 60 days of being registered, or within 60 days of being transferred from another registrar. Some registrars have security measures in place where they will not allow the transfer of a domain name within 60 days of the registrant information being updated. You will need to check with your existing registrar for further information to see if this applies to your domain.

2. Domain name is in ACTIVE / OK status

To successfully transfer a domain, it must have its status set to "ACTIVE". If the status is "locked", you will need to have the domain un-locked through your existing registrar. Also, if your domain's status is "ON HOLD" (e.g. non-payment or dispute) or "REDEMPTION PERIOD" you will not be able to transfer the domain. UnicodeDN recommends submitting your domain name transfer order at least 7 days before an expiration date. If the domain name expires during the transfer process, the DNS will stop working, therefore any web site. and or email service you have for this domain will not work until the transfer has been completed.

3. Administrative contact's email address is correct, up to date, and you can access messages sent to it

The Administrative whois contact for your domain must authorize transfers. During a transfer, an "Authorization for Registrar Transfer" email is sent to the administrative email address. Check your whois report to ensure that the Administrative Contact email address is one you have access to - if this address is inaccurate or inaccessible, update it with your existing registrar before submitting a domain transfer request. If you do not respond to the "Authorization for Registrar Transfer" email, your domain cannot be transferred.

4. Obtain the domain authorization code (AuthInfo Password) from current registrar

The .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .COM & NET Registry's require an Authorization Code (also sometimes called AUTH CODE, AUTHINFO, AUTH or EPP Code) to approve domain name transfers. Obtain this code from your current registrar before submitting a domain transfer, otherwise your domain will not be able to be transferred. You will need to enter the EPP code in at the time you respond to the "Authorization for Registrar Transfer" email (which is sent to the administrative whois contact for your domain).

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be able to submit a transfer request to transfer the registration of your domain name to UnicodeDN. If you have any questions, or if you need advice, UnicodeDN have a dedicated Domain Administration Team on hand to help. Contact our Domain Administration Team on Register@UnicodeDN.com.

Domain Name Transfer Duration

The time it takes to transfer a .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .COM & NET domain is 5-7 days. dependent upon the responses of parties involved. or when clients authorize the transfer of the domain.

Password Clarification

AuthInfo password

This refers to the password that is needed to transfer the registration of com/net/org/info/biz domain names between registrars. The password is unique for each domain name

Registry Key

This is a password that is typically used by some registrars such as Melbourne IT to log into their domain management system, and is usually different from the Authinfo password.

Trouble transferring a domain name

If you are having trouble transferring your domain name, contact our customer service team on +61-2-98691088 for advice and support. Alternatively, you can email Register@UnicodeDN.com or submit an enquiry online. One of our customer service specialists will assist as soon as possible.

Will my domain name experience down time during the transfer?

Your domain name will not go offline nor become inaccessible during transfer, unless the domain expires. If your domain name is due to expire during the transfer process, it may go down until the transfer is completed.

For this reason we strongly recommend transferring your domain, well before the expiration date. Please note that you will not lose any existing or paid registration time - the renewal that you pay during the transfer process, is added to the end of your current domain registration period.

Will my hosting change when the domain is transferred?

Your domain registration is separate to the hosting, therefore your existing website hosting arrangement will not change upon transfer of the domain to UnicodeDN.

Will my name servers change when the domain is transferred?

After being transferred to UnicodeDN, no changes will be made to the name servers of the domain name. If you need to change your name servers, we strongly advise that you change them before submitting your transfer request, or you may need to wait to change the name server after transfer has been completed.