A Multilingual Internet

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What is iDNS?

iDNS stands for Internationalized Domain Name System - a technology developed by i-DNS.net International enabling the use of multi-lingual domain names on the Internet.

* NJStar "Unicode Domain Names" is an authorized i-DNS registrar.

What problem does iDNS solve?

The present Domain Name System (DNS), adopted globally, only allows domain names to be registered in Roman (English) characters, even for countries that do not use these characters in their written language. An understanding of English has become a hidden prerequisite for anyone who wishes to use the Internet.

With iDNS technology, you can register any Internet domain name in any language - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Tamil, Arabic, etc. At the same time it is fully compatible with commonly used Internet browsers and is inter-operable with the existing DNS.

Language-specific sites can market the addresses of their site in the native written language, using the appropriate alphabet or ideogram. All people have to do to access the site is type in the domain name in the relevant language. It’s a simple and intuitive process.

Why should I consider multi-lingual domain names?

  • Provides for a more comfortable Internet experience for non-English speakers, which make up 92% of the world’s population;
  • Asserts cultural identity by enabling users to register their name, company name, or phrase in their native written language;
  • Preserves language integrity and allows users to interact on the Internet in the language they feel most comfortable with;
  • Solves the multi-lingual deficiency of the current Domain Name System (DNS) by opening up new opportunities as Web access and interaction is facilitated and new name spaces generated;
  • Empowers non-English speaking people to tap into the power of the Internet and eCommerce, thus opening up new markets (especially those where English is not comfortably used);
  • Entrenches a person or company's web identity and web presence as domain names represent the electronic brands of the new economy; and
  • Creates an affinity with the non-English speaking business market by speaking their language.

Rules of Services

'First come, first serve':
UnicodeDN.com processes domain name registration applications on "first come, first serve" basis. The first applicant who has completed the registration process and paid the required fee will entitle the usage of the domain name.

Registration Fees are non-refundable:
You agree to pay Registrar (UnicodeDN.com) upon the confirmation of successful Domain Name Registration, when your domain name is activated by i-DNS International Pte Ltd. The registration fees for the first two-year term and renewal fee for subsequent year are not refundable.

Available Domain Extensions

UnicodeDN.com currently offers multilingual domain registration service with the following extensions:

More international domain name extensions will be added in the near future for multilingual registration.

Procedures of Registering domain

1: Check for domain name availability

Check if the domain name is still available to be registered. To check the availability of a domain name, please click here to perform a domain name search.

2: Register domain names

A domain name can be registered online if that domain name is available.
  • Submit your domain name and the required registration information.
  • Enter payment information online and submit your request.
  • You will get online registration/payment confirmation as well as an email confirmation once the registration process is successfully completed.

3: Domain Name Activation

It takes between 24 to 48 hours to transfer/activate your registered multilingual domain name to the primary and secondary name servers which are specified in your registration form (or parked automatically on UnicodeDN.com free domain name servers).

It is as simple as that! Now let's go ahead to start searching for your favorite multilingual domain(s).