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NJStar Unicode Domain Names provides Internet Domain Name registration by partnering with OpenSRS.com/TUCOWS. It is an ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar of VeriSign-GRS (VeriSign-Global Registry Services).) At UnicodeDN.com, we provide Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean and English domain registration and related services. Utilizing the unique NJStar multilingual technology, we strive to offer our customers unparalleled ease in multilingual domain registration and management.


About multilingual domain names

Internet use is increasing dramatically throughout the world. Users who speak a language other than English comprise one of the fastest growing categories of users. Despite this growth, the Internet remains an English-centric resource with barriers of entry for non-English speaking people. One such barrier is the lack of multilingual capability within the Domain Name System (DNS). Currently, the DNS only supports domain names consisting of letters from the Roman alphabet and digits. The advent of Multilingual Domain Names is closely associated with the high demand for support of domain names in characters used by other languages.


Why should I consider multilingual domain names?

  • Provides for a more comfortable Internet experience for non-English speakers, which make up 92% of the world’s population;
  • Asserts cultural identity by enabling users to register their name, company name, or phrase in their native written language;
  • Preserves language integrity and allows users to interact on the Internet in the language they feel most comfortable with;
  • Solves the multilingual deficiency of the current Domain Name System (DNS) by opening up new opportunities as Web access and interaction is facilitated and new name spaces generated;
  • Empowers non-English speaking people to tap into the power of the Internet and eCommerce, thus opening up new markets (especially those where English is not comfortably used);
  • Entrenches a person or company's web identity and web presence as domain names represent the electronic brands of the new economy; and
  • Creates an affinity with the non-English speaking business market by speaking their language.

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